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A duel. An ultimatum. An arranged marriage. England, Will, Viscount Wingrave, whiles away his time gambling and bedding married women, thwarted in his wish to serve his country by his controlling father.

Sauce for the Gander

News that his errant son has fought a duel with a jealous husband is the last straw for the Earl of Marstone. He decrees that Will must marry.

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The earl's eye lights upon Connie Charters, unpaid housekeeper and drudge for a poor but socially ambitious father who cares only for the advantage her marriage could bring him. Will and Connie meet for the first time at the altar.

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But Connie wants a husband who will love and respect her, not a womanizer and a gambler. Their new home, on the wild coast of Devonshire, conceals dangerous secrets that threaten them and the nation. Unfortunately, when the infighting here in Wikipedia gets heated, participants often forget this principle and do unto their opponents things that would not be fair to be done unto them, and sometimes add insult to injury by crying "foul" if their opponents do in fact raise similar objections to their own actions and those of their friends to the ones they raised against the opponents in the first place.

These "wars" can easily turn both parties into hypocrites. So what's the point? Simply that consistency is a virtue never mind that other saying that "a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" [1]! Do unto thine enemies what you'd like to be done unto thy friends, and expect your good or bad karma to return threefold.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Chile and Iran are two other examples. The Chilean secret police are believed to have connections with Cuban exiles suspected of various acts of terrorism, including the murder in Washington of the former Chilean Foreign Minister, Orlando Letelier.

Most Americans must find it repellent to have such things happening in our country. But how many have stopped to think that what has been done here is exactly what we have. The American C.

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It has planned assassinations, waged secret wars and encouraged military coups against constitutional governments. All that is familiar stuff after the intelligence investigations of the last two years. The Korean scandal reminds us how dangerous it is for the United States to act as if its constitutional, legal and ethical standards stopped at the water's edge. If we pay foreign politicians as a matter of course, and wiretap our nationals abroad and plot violence, it is hard to object to other countries behaving the same way.

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The first step in dealing with the covert South Korean activities is to have a tough official investigation and get the facts out in the open. It was a cynical answer —and one that is selfdefeating for this country because it does not fit our image of ourselves. The Carter Administration should move quickly to do what Mr.