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Come and be part of our history! From to , Vale revitalized the old kilometre railway constructed in between the cities of Ouro Preto and Mariana, and was also responsible for the restoration of the four stations along this route — Ouro Preto, Vitorino Dias, Passagem de Mariana and Mariana. The cars and train were artistically renovated, conserving their original characteristics. The stations at Ouro Preto and Mariana will be and years old, respectively, in The history of the construction of the Ouro Preto railway, which began in , and its subsequent extension to Mariana, concluded only in , is an important chapter in both the history of the two cities and the entire history of the 19 th century.

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Composed of a steam engine, a diesel engine and five passenger cars, the train can carry people per journey. The cars have the same design as the old trains, with wooden interiors, and they stand out for their panoramic views as their transparent structures allow passengers to see the whole landscape.

Dr. Mariana Bubucea

The steam engine was created at the beginning of the 19 th century in England. It arrived in Brazil in the middle of the century, but only spread throughout the country in the s with the development of the railways. It was then bought by Ferrocarril, in Argentina. The Loco is not currently in operation.

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Known as Machine 3, the Brigadier engine was constructed around in Germany and used for military activities during the First World War. After the war, it was bought by the Brazilian government and used in Minas Gerais to transport cargo from brickyards and quarries. The Brigadier engine, displayed at Ouro Preto station, is no longer in operation.

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To verify information on departure times access our train timetable. Tour guides accredited by Embratur, Agtop or Agturb, upon presentation of a valid licence, are entitled to a free ticket. Each group of 30 people also has the right to one free ticket. Your Name. Your Email.

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Bubucea is an heir to the legendary Dr. Simion Tsinker. She holds the highest percentage of returning patients and patients referrals. You could request the office of Dr. Mariana Bubucea to issue an official visit invitation letter, which you could present at US border. The letter costs USD This service is non-refundable, and it will be applied to your OB-GYN contract in case of signing and finalization of the contract within one week after initial visit.

I even trusted Mariana with my own wife.


Marina Bubucea is a doctor with very deep theoretical knowledge, and a very good surgeon, which could only be judged by another doctor. We understand that some of our patients might be concerned about the recent statement by the President of the United States Donald Trump regarding potential revocation of US citizenship rights for children born in the USA from foreign parents.

Therefore, we take the view that this right cannot be revoked without changing the Constitution. We strongly believe that our Constitution and the rights enshrined in it trump even the President of the United States. We will be monitoring this story closely and report on any updates. At this point, our legal team is certain that there will be no updates of any significance.

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Until very recently, Stanley Cup was the highest achievement in the life of the hockey superstar Alexander Ovechkin. However, it is safe to say that this changed on August This is because the Washington Capital Captain became a father in our clinic on this very day.

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We wish his son the best of luck in this world. And we wish his parents to have more babies. We and you know far too well that Alex never stops after the first goal. Contact us EN RU. About us Team About doctor. Services and prices Childbirth and pregnancy Postnatal recovery Gynecology and Urology Treatments Contract with hospital. Clinics Doctor's clinic Hospitals. Mariana Bubucea The only urogynecologist and pelvic reconstruction surgeon in Miami.

Mariana Bubucea Mariana Bubucea is an experienced ob-gyn, urologist, pelvic reconstructive surgeon specializing in minimally invasive surgery.